Over 1200 fruit trees thrive on the 167 acre permaculture farm. Exotic fruits, such as durian, mangosteen, mamon chinos (rambutan), cacao, and jackfruit are seasonally available for the picking and are used daily in our living foods kitchen. Together, we create gourmet raw food dishes with Chef Eric Rivkin, and sit down family style to enjoy our super-food creations.


At La Joya Del Sol, we eat a 95% living foods raw vegan diet and prepare 5% of our food by lightly steaming it or cooking it (such as for jackfruit seeds and pulp). Food growing on the farm, whether cultivated or wild, is shared when available with everyone who visits and works. Every effort is being made to grow 100% of our food to become self-sufficient.  Every Tuesday, we sell surplus food at the Tinamastes Feria Organica.  We have had our own table there since 2015.  Depending on the season, we have sold mangosteens, mandarino acidos, biriba, jackfruit, limes, organges, lemons, hearts of palm, dragon fruit, momon chinos (“rambutan”), cacao, vanilla bean stalks, and herbs grown in the garden.

For food not available yet on the farm, we go to a farmers market each Thursday morning at 6:30 am in San Isidro, where we also meet and make friends, do errands and spend the day in the largest town closets to us, enjoying it. Some of our Tico neighbors and workers also like to exchange surplus food.

We share the farm and open it to guests and have intern programs. For interns and overnight guests, two and a half meals are prepared each day: Breakfast, late lunch and a dessert dinner. Meals are spaced out so that you will remain satisfied and not full.  Over the years, our dessert dinner took the place of dinner because most guests are still full from lunch.  It is a highly nutritious meal that leaves many guests very happy and satisfied. For day visitors, gourmet raw food meals are provided for $10. All guests and visitors help with meal preparation and clean up.  It is a wonderful time to communally prepare food with Chef Eric Rivkin and to learn a new skill.  We also offer tours on the farm and the use of our waterfalls for an additional fee.  Please refer to our Fees for more information.

An abundant harvest of cacao.