Breathtaking natural waterfalls and pools to bathe, massage, and rejuvenate in. Connect with how healthy and vibrant it is to become fully immerse in a rejuvenating, natural environment.

Space to Retreat

Imagine a deeper, more meaningful connection with nature during your stay in Costa Rica.  La Joya del Sol, which translates to, “The Jewel of the Sun” is a cornucopia of the Earth’s elemental experiences: Allow the rhythms of pure earth, air, water and sun to soothe and realign you to states of wellness.

  • We are on 167 acres of managed wild, tropical environment in the coastal mountains, 40 minutes from the Pacific Ocean
  • Our farm thrives from life-giving sunshine, that accumulates with gorgeous sunsets.
  • We have 4 manicured hiking trails, most leading to energizing, spring-fed waterfalls and pools that line the property.
  • You will wake up and fall asleep to a symphony of jungle sounds, including howler monkeys most mornings and crickets and frogs at night.

We welcome those who love to live and learn our unique natural lifestyle, and those interested in co-creating a conscious community for themselves and their families.   Your being will expand as your five senses come alive in a harmonious union as nature has intended.

  • Enjoy a healthy detox from modern diets as you enjoy chef-created plant-based meals, prepared with the most nutritious abundant intentions for every day during your stay.
  • Swim, walk, run, or do personal yoga in a natural environment.
  • Participate in a drum circle or jam. We have extra drums and instruments for you to enjoy.
  • Explore the adjoining jungle wildlife corridor which is home to a wide variety of primates, animals, exotic birds, reptiles, rare insects and butterflies. Bring your camera, there are many photo opportunities along the way.
  • Just hang out. We have many places to find space and just read, contemplate or decompress.
One of many falls that line the property.