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Living Food Recipes for Radiant Health.

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  • Maki-Sushi Rolls with Rawsmati Ryce
  • Dried Fruit Sheets with Coconut Cream Frosting
  • Masterpiece Green Spoothie
  • Stuffed Eggplant Manicotti
  • Dried Fruit Sheets
  • Chocolate (Black) Sapote Mousse
  • Heart of Palm Ryce
  • Mango Curry Sauce
  • Masterpiece Spoothie with Wild Berries
  • Masterpiece Spoothie Parfait

Explore the apex of healthy food options – whole, ripe, fresh, and organic! Build a foundation of sound nutrition principles preparing sensible, easy, raw food. Make dishes, vibrant in color, life force and the way nature intended. Experience how a wide variety of raw foods can work with any health goals, activity, and weather.
A compilation of over 450 Living Foods Recipes for radiant health by Chef Eric Rivkin supports a lower fat plant-based lifestyle to help make your health journey a success! All delicious, creative, simple and gourmet recipes for the novice or professional, that make living foods fun, sustainable and beautiful.


Both hard copy and PDF editions are currently text-only to reduce paper and pollution. You will find companion recipe photos for most recipes.  Please feel free to leave comments about your dish after you have made it.

The Hard Copy version is spiral bound for easy use, with a laminated cover and back.
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Elsewhere $45 USD (includes Postage)
Please allow 10-30 days by mail.

PDF version is $30 USD (immediate download available) and contains links within the document so that you can easily find recipes with a click.
Proceeds support the education mission of the Viva La Raw Project, a non-profit 501(c)3 charity of United Charitable Programs.

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Purchase your PDF Download or Hard Copy Now!

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“Eric is one of the well-known long-term experts in the raw vegan lifestyle.” Victoria Boutenko, Author/ Lecturer, “Raw Family”

“Part of the whole Raw Food excitement is the presentation – you are a Master! I have loved our classes together, and I have learned so much from you! But every time you come up with so much new creativity – I will be forever your student!” Fateh Bolivar, Chef at Waterfall Villas, Costa Rica

“Eric is one of the best raw food chefs I have worked with. He created an outstanding menu for my wedding, and we also worked together on other recipe projects. In the raw food world Eric is a gem. His place in Costa Rica is remarkable – a true paradise on Earth. Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative” Fred Patenaude, Author, Lecturer

” I love Eric’s style when it comes to showcasing raw living food at its best. I am very impressed with his kind heart and all the great work he is doing …and is living by example and inspiring so many. I recommend Eric to everyone when it comes to rejuvenation….raw foods and catering and so much more.” Nadia Tene, Owner Seeds of Life Premier Spa, Los Angeles

“Eric has a great depth of knowledge about raw foods… My health retreat participants [at Finca de Vida] have always been happy with Eric’s work and presentation style, as well as his generosity. Eric is definitely passionate about what he does. He is an artistic chef, visionary.” Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, “Dr. Sam PT”

“Eric is a very very, very, very, times-a-million-ridiculously-how- does-he-do-it, talented Raw Chef. His work is more like ART than food! I look at the pictures of his food and it just makes me feel happy, like I can see all of the love that has gone into it! Eric is THE chef you want to hire for your event. If I could get married all over again, I would get Eric to cater my wedding.” Anna Rodgers, Author, Eco Blogger and Travel Journalist

“I don’t know where to start…all I can say is how grateful I am to be in your presence, taught under your wing and held with great care and respect. I didn’t expect a thing….so much I have learned, released, been opened by…wow…amazing. You are a kind creature, truly to the core ~ Love All Ways” Chef Melissa Davison, Los Angeles

“It makes me feel so happy to know you and know about the precious work you are doing with the local communities where you live. Education about healthy living and whole raw foods for people who have never had the opportunity to learn such remote but simple miracles will bring peace throughout the world.” – Hillary Hitt, Dharma Healing International, Thailand